For decades a globally acknowledged leader in the field of thoroughbred breeding in South Africa and staffed by experienced professionals, Ridgemont Highlands Robertson is located in the fertile, lime rich Robertson valley and the home of champions extends over close on 300 hectares.

A typically international standard residence to top-class stallions, stabling facilities in well ventilated American Style barns mean optimum care and comfort throughout the year.

A seasonal mare boarding facility is offered as well as a supervised ‘flying start’ weanling facility in a secluded and separate area of the farm.

Post and rail fencing, with permanent irrigated pastures, are maintained on organic principles and happy mares run free in spacious well maintained pastures.

Great emphasis is placed on a balanced feeding programme for all horses and the iconic farm produces and stores lucerne, oat hay and teff. This aspect is managed at the highest quality standards to ensure all equine residents are fed to the very best nutritional benchmarks available.

Our specialised and secure yearling facility provides a vital platform for the all-important aspect of sales preparation, and includes well maintained horse-walkers and lunging facilities.

In-house veterinary care means that all residents will benefit from 24/7 treatment and attention, as may be required.